Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sotto Voce...San Róimh

My dear friends in Christ, I am aware that we have now come to the end of the the month of May and as we prepare to head into the month of the Sacred Heart that is June, we pray and remember those in Burma and China who have lost their lives.

We also reflect on how fragile life truly is and be grateful for what we have in life and never forget that we as the people of Christ are called to look after each other every second we breathe on this earth.

On a lighter note, I must express my thanks to you all who have now pushed the hit on this site beyond the 300,000 mark and remember that this is the number of individual and new does not take into account those of you who are regular visitors...if it did so, I have been advised by the site counters, we would be into the 2 million mark!!!

Thanks to each and all of you who continue to contribute, comment, query and indeed challenge me which is all welcome as it certainly keeps me on my toes and indeed my knees as well!!

A special word of thanks to those of you who have responded so graciously to my begging posts here and I do so on behalf of others who petition me to seek help through this thanks and blessings upon all of you who have helped in every possible way.

At the end of this page, there is a map of the world which has little red dots thereupon indicating the places in the world from where this site is accessed and as this site was getting so popular, the red dots were threatening to become one big red blob. Bearing this in mind, we decided to save that map which is there since this site began in December 2006 and start another afresh and already this is beginning to fill up as well.

Just a few words on what will be happening on CW for the month of June...

* continuation of the daily posting of the Vocations Prayer;

* a video of Gregorian chant/music/song shall be posted and this shall alternate from the spiritual to the nouveau and otherwise;

* I shall be in Rome on a somewhat 'ad limina' visit and will post from there for the 1st week of June which will include pictures and comments;

* more personal reflections shall also begin, and so too shall personal commentary and otherwise.

At this juncture, I will post the 1st Gregorian Chant which is entitled 'The Sound of Silence' - yes the Simon and Garfunkle song - which is beautifully chanted, and as you listen to it, I ask that you keep me in your prayers and thoughts as I prepare to visit the lions den that is Roma.

To you all, my blessings, and if you wish for any prayers and/or petitions to be brought to the altar of Peter, please feel free to email me through here and your request shall be honoured.

Sotto Voce

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maria said...

I'm not on the map. I ñive in Montevideo, Uruguay! and read here every day, because I prefer to see the real Church.